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Student Education Connection




Student Education Connection at Harris Junior Academy offers an opportunity for families to keep their students in a safe, Christian environment while they further their education.  


While enrolled in the Student Education Connection program each student has the ability to bring their own curriculum, coursework, instruction and materials to our Study Lab.  Our Study Lab is where your child can use the room and access our wireless internet to aid them in their studies.  Included in this program are classes in Physical Education, Bible, Music and Shop as well as weekly Assemblies, Week of Prayer, Educational Tours and many other activities the school may be involved in throughout the school year.  


A Study Lab Supervisor, one of our Staff, will be in the Study Lab to help provide a structured and healthy study environment including supervision of activities.  Students enrolled in the Student Education Connection program are expected to follow the guidelines found in Harris Junior Academy’s handbook and to be able to self-direct through their chosen coursework.


Student Education Connection at Harris Junior Academy is recommended by Baker Charter Schools, a full service virtual charter school available to all students in Oregon.  Baker Charter Schools offers online coursework and instruction.  You can find out more about Baker Charter Schools at www.BakerCharters.org.

Although Harris Junior Academy has a good working relationship with Baker Charter Schools there are many other options for online curriculum or book and paper studies for your child through the 12th grade.  Any other type of curriculum may be considered for use in the Student Education Connection program.