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Sandra Easley
My name is Sandra Easley and I originally hail from New South Whales, Australia.  I have lived here in the U.S. since I was a young child and received my education here.  I have a bachelors degree in biology and a minor in chemistry from Eastern Oregon University.  I worked for Oregon State University for 12 years as a molecular/ microbiology technician in the plant pathology department.  I am married and have two young children who I have devoted my life too!   I have taught  gymnastics for over 24 years to all ages ranging from 18 months through adults, so,  although not a trained teacher in the school sense I have many years experience teaching children and teens.  I also teach sabbath school here at the Pendleton Seventh Day Adventist Church, a new endeavor that I have found to be extremely rewa‚Äčrding!  My hobbies include teaching and loving my children and my gymnasts, I organically garden both flowers and produce and I have also recently taken up the violin with my six year old son.  
God created us all with equal love and care but he did not create us all the same.  We each see things differently and have different strengths and weaknesses therefore we all learn differently too.  I believe part of the job of a teacher/parent is to seek out methods of learning and teaching so as to best fit a childs' individual needs.  I also believe in patience, patience, patience.  Children deserve to be treated with the upmost kindness and respect.  I truly believe that they will learn the most from example, so if our children are surrounded by people who love and respect them at all times, then they too will be much more likely to learn to love and respect others.  This also creates an environment in which they feel truly safe.  In my experience a child who feels safe from ridicule and other negative behaviors will be able to apply themselves more fully and  be more open to their education.  I believe in setting high standards for our children/students, but we also need to give them the tools and help required to meet those standards.  Their efforts should always be the primary focus of our praise and encouragement not just the actual accomplishment of a goal.  My personal motto when working with students is to encourage them to "work hard and persevere" and to "respect all life on earth” at all times!