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Volunteer Program
To ensure the success of this program full cooperation and involvement is required.
Prior to volunteering at Harris Junior Academy every potential volunteer must first take our Shield The Vulnerable training.  Instructions can be found here.
Once your Shield The Vulnerable training is completed please print out and bring a copy of the certificate to the school office or email us a .pdf version for our records.  Thank you!
Now you are ready to see what Volunteer Opportunities are available.
Volunteer Opportunities include:
  • Primary Grade Enrichment (Small Motor, Art, Drama, School / Class Enrichment Programs)
  • Special Enrichment Programs (Science, Reading)
  • Middle School Enrichment Programs (Drama, Discovery Week, Field Trips)
  • Library Aides, Office Aides, Classroom Aides, Science Aides
  • Yard Duty and Lunch Program Duty
  • School Committees and Fundraisers